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Kitty's I+T love!
Tottsu/Inoo picspam xD 
18th-Jun-2007 02:39 pm
Teito + web

A picspam or reasons why this pairing is so OBVIOUS~!
And to make you love this pairing too.. since like not a lot of people notice this pairing besides
Me (Maya or [info]sasuke2itachi3) and  luma_chan  and some other people..

Screencapped/cut/scanned by Maya or Luma_chan. Unless otherwise stated












Inoo calls tottsu sexy.


20th-Jun-2007 04:09 pm (UTC)
Really? I should give it another chance then @@ (yes another because in fact I once dl-ed some episode, but they weren't that good, all the time in the studio, and they were always laughing, I didn't understand why, it annoyed me xDD)
And evidences in videos are even better right ? XD

they're really adorable together <3 too bad Hasshi isn't in H!S!7, we could get more love in the Takki project thing, when they both raised their hands at the same times ♥ aaw T__T the other day I re-watched the onigokko episode with Asaka in it, I almost went teary when I stopped paying lots of attention to the show anymore and started thinking about all this, and that we might not see him anymore on stage
20th-Jun-2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
Yes you should!!! Even though if it's sometimes boring, just stare at Tottsu and Inoo and they'll do something! lol
once, Inoo was talking about a "date" he went on with Koki and Tottsu was so uncomfortable during that time.. his fingers were all fidgety xDDDD
Yeah they're SO much better xDD but sometimes you have to look into it much more xD

He should be in HS7, the tv guy said that there may be more members added, so let's hope it's Hasshi lol. I know!! I loved that episode!!! And in the 2007/02/11 episode of Shokura, Asaka looked so angry.. and yeah.. I practically scream like a fangirl when i rewatch old shokuras xD
20th-Jun-2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
XD or at the other Kitty member, or at the chibi juniors in the background, sometimes maybe some funny things happens? or maybe sometimes they look dead bored XD"

eh Inoo with Koki ?XD *shocked* aaw poor Tochu~ xDD must have been hard XDD *pats*
ah sure you have to pay more attention XD because there's no one to say "°°' look here, at this moment" ^^;;

yay there's still hope xp~ saame, it was adorable how he ran into other juniors and they get caught, and he was like "waa it was scary~" XD yeah he didn't look well in some SCs ;_; xDD fangirling is good for our health, we can express what we're feeling by our screams/squeals, it's important XDD *hides*
20th-Jun-2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
yeah they'll all do something funny xDDD
yeah Inoo and Koki. Tottsu was so lonely.. and so jealous..

we all miss asaka a lot T__T hope he comes back! like akanishi! lol off course fangirling is healthy.. we should all learn this in health class or something lol
20th-Jun-2007 06:58 pm (UTC)
waa but they went like in their private time? never thought they were friends or something ^^;; aaw don't worry Totsu I'm right here he shall be more possessive°°' eeh now I want to write something even if I never finished writing a JE fic, and didn't write anything else for ages XDD

I hope he'll come back too, even if I doubt it ToT *is negative* yeaah <3 we'd be the best students without learning, because we have experience and we're talented xD fangirl powaa chu-nyu *does the pose*
20th-Jun-2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
yeah and inoo and koki ate yakiniku together and koki told inoo to go to the bathroom, and everything was paid! yeah tottsu you have to be more careful, or else someone will take your inoo-chan away from you Tottsy and Inoo should go on a date xD It's okay, i never finish a JE fic either.. or any fic for that matter

Don't be all negative attitude-y! He'll come back someday! And if he doesn't all we have to do is stalk him at the hospital he's going to work at! lol We'll all be so smart, and people would think we're crazy! We should like bring random uchiwas to class and wave them lol
20th-Jun-2007 08:03 pm (UTC)
waa Koki is a good sempai~ :D Koki should thank you, because thanks to you I like him a bit more xp *doesn't like him* yuup be careful Tochu °° go and save Inoo =D totally XD and afterward, come back with some matching thing, like Akame, Koyato and Tomapi have XD

sorry ;.; *listens to happy song* yeah we can always stalk him there =D though he's not even in high school yeah? we'll have to wait xDD yeah all of the other students would look up to us *-* I wonder how the teacher would teach fangirling xD yeah and those shiny things the fangirls have in SC
20th-Jun-2007 08:45 pm (UTC)
yes he is *nods* lol (i actually didnt like koki that much either, until YOUtachi!) Really.. tottsu/Inoo is an obvious pairing~ lol It's so cute, and all the jealousness tottsu does in that show xD And they're always right next to each other *0*

We could all stalk him during school hours they'll probably think we're crazy rather than look up to us lol. Raise your voice high and scream the name of someone you worship love
21st-Jun-2007 08:04 am (UTC)
somehow I didn't expect that from him ^^' yeah it's cute ^-^ I wasn't really pairing Totsu with anyone until now..and since I'm like a crazy fangirl about JE pairings ^^'' it wasn't good~ but now he has Inoo xD *-* even more evidence even if maybe it's because of the order of the letter in Kitty

yay :D we just have to find his school aaw xD too bad for them, because we're not crazy, just obsessed ♥..or really really focused <3
22nd-Jun-2007 02:43 am (UTC)
I wasn't pairing Tottsu with anyone until KITTY either because... I barely knew anything about A.B.C. mmmm..... but sometimes they don't sit in order lol.. they even stand next to each other!

It's right there see? *points*.... no.. that was a bug... We're just random straight A students sitting in class xD
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